If your vehicle has any of these problems in a combination of devices:

Defective equipment and speedometer
The total energy loss
Dim the screen PRNDL
Periodic sensor
The fulfillment of the sensors
Dims or dead

We use only the updated stepper motors have been approved and tested by General Motors. Be careful with clones produced in Russia and China, and other inferior products used in other stores. Contact us for more information. prices:

Individual sensor repair – $ 50.00 + $ 15.00 shipping via UPS Ground. – If a sensor is not able to succeed and others do not recommend that a full recovery.

Full restoration – $ 110.00 – includes shipping via UPS Ground.Polnoe restore the instrument panel includes all sensors, lights, PRNDL display repaired, reworked solder joints and the renewed power. Do not list each repair, and other stores.

Prices are for delivery via UPS Ground, and send you a tracking number when the cluster is configured.

Dealers charge $ 300 – $ 600, give us a call!

If you tried to repair the instrument yourself please call us to make sure it can be repaired.

Your score will not change
No need to reschedule
You can drive your car without the group

Service Procedures:

Replace all stepper motors
Replacing the lighting of the dead
Welds, solders
The energy calibration + Update
Final test